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Durcrete Knows Only One Passion: UHPC

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Ultra-High Performance concrete is a special concrete with high strength, impermeability and superb durability. The German company Durcrete deals in binders for this high-tech material and offers consultancy services on material, recipes, design, structural analysis and production issues.

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Our Products


Fiberless UHPC -SCC

For elements with a high flexural strength of the cement paste and a perfect surface, durcrete suggests self compacting concrete recipes with Nanodur® Compound grey or white from Dyckerhoff.

Slab repair with UHPC at Wuppertal main-station

Reinforced UHPC -Vibrated

For structural, reinforced structures where high compressive strength and durability are essential, durcrete recommends mix formulations based on the cement Variodur® from the German manufacturer Dyckerhoff.

Steel fibers for UPFR, UHFB, BFUB


Where ductility and low crack width are required and reinforcement bars are not an option, durcrete advises engineered concrete formulations with special, fine aggregates and a high content of micro steel fibers.

Our Services

Our Services

Durcrete is only active in B2B relationships.
If you are a consumer, we recommend this online store.

Development of recipes/formulations for UHPC

durcrete develops customized recipes for high strength and Ultra-High Performance  Concretes -UHPC.

Reference project:

For MingYang Smart Energy in China, we supported the  development of a C100/115 with Chinese raw materials for floating offshore wind turbines.

Design of production facilities and tender for equipment

durcrete provides the plant design for manufacturing facilities with UHPC, prepares tender documents and performs acceptance tests of the concrete mixing plant.

Reference project:

The machine tool manufacturer DEED in China ordered durcrete with a turn key factory design including a test laboratory.  The job also included a suitable recipe development with the locally available aggregates.

Mixer Plant for UHPC at Deed in China

Structural and dynamic analyses using FEA

durcrete performs static and dynamic FE-Analyses of concrete constructions as well as heat flow analyses.

Reference project:

German prefab plants order analyses acc. to applicable codes and state of technical knowledge e.g. for the thin stairs.

Trading with binders and dry mortar mix for UHPC

durcrete deals with binders and ready made dry mortar mixes for high strength and Ultra-High Performance Concrete UHPC. The materials are used in construction and in the mechanical engineering industry.

Reference project:

durcrete is 'Technology Partner' of the German cement producer Dyckerhoff GmbH and makes the technical application consulting services for prefab plants outside of Europe for all products related to UHPC and high strength concrete.

durfill high strength mortar by durcrete
UHPC Girder at DESY in Hamburg

Trading with ready made components made of UHPC

durcrete designs custom made elements of UHPC, orders moulds and casting, takes care for finishing works like coating and precision milling or grinding and organizes the transport wordwide.  The client has only one contractual partner.

Reference Project:

durcrete delivers for the German Electron Synchrotron DESY in Hamburg a supporting beam for a Wakefield structure with the stiffness of Aluminium, non magnetic characteristics and a defined flatness.

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Knowledge & Media

Knowledge & Media
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