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References: Structural Engineering

Wind Turbine with UHPC C120/140, Germany

The base tower of this wind turbines is a C120/140 according to an offical german approval of DIBt. The precast elements are installed and prestressed on site. For the production in the precast plant, a standard cement according DIN EN 197-1 from Dyckerhoff is used without further addition of silica fume/metakaolin or similar substances.

Weir System -Hydraulic Engineering with UHPC

For the water system of the baroque garden in Zabeltitz (north of Dresden/Germany) the weirs were renewed. Prefab components made of Ultra High Performance Concrete were integrated in the construction. The design was carried out by the engineering company Koban + Schuckert in Dresden. The construction of the curved UHPC-parts was done by Bad Lausick Concrete Plant.

Recirculation Aqua Culture for Shrimps with UHPC

Green Aqua Farming develops recirculation aqua culture for sea fish and shrimps made of Ultra High Performance Concrete -UHPC. The picture shows the erection of a 35m long, two storied shrimp basin. The construction developped by Drössler Precast is glued. The UHPC elements are without reinforcement and fibers. The Nanodur concrete has no additional lining und must stay uncracked. More information at the webpage of the aqua farm.

Parabolic Shells Project Consol with UHPC, Germany

The Technical University of Kaiserslautern and the Ruhr University in Bochum designed this shell for a parabolic trough power plant. In a second step, a demonstrator in original scale was buildt by Concrete Plant Stanecker.


Download of PHD-Theses  and final report about the reserach project in German Language:

Final report Consol

PHD-Theses Mueller

PHD-Teses Penkert

PHD Theses Forman

Charging Stations for Electromobility with UHPC

'Design for eternity’ is what PION AG promises for its organically shaped charging stations made of concrete. The column consisting of three parts
are made of grey exposed concrete. Alternatively it may be equipped with titanium dioxide to reduce nitrogen oxides in the air. The company emphasizes environmentally friendly products, which can be recycled easily. They also offer smart charging boxes for wall mounting. More info at Pion.

Heliostat with UHPC

Point-focusing heliostats made from high-performance concretes with fine aggregates is a research project of the Technical University of Kaiserslautern and the Ruhr University in Bochum. The German Aerospace Center (DLR) and three manufacturers and suppliers are research and industrial partners in the project. Due to an extremely high number of identical or utmost similar precast elements, heliostats seem to be ideally suited for precast concrete construction from an economic point of view.

Project description in English

Poster at SolarPACES Conference


Shading Construction Lusail Plaza, Doha, Qatar

Contractor and producer of the beautiful Ultra High Performance shading elements with a compressive strength of more than 150 MPa is the local prefab and GRFC-company DCS Doha Cladding Solutions.

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